Seeing how all of us in the world are working together to get through this trying time, is a testament to the love, connection and concern we all have for each other as humans, and for our own well-being. 

During this time, my prayer to all of you is that you and your loved ones stay healthy, and that any financial impact is minimal.  And for those of you who are doctors, nurses and healthcare workers; may you and your families be kept protected from COVID-19. 

As the world emerges from this threat; my hope is we all emerge with a new perspective on life, filled with a deeper realization of the power of our connection as humans, and interdependence with nature. 

Next I pray that we take the collaboration efforts we are using to stop this virus, to then heal all ills of our world, beginning with global warming, human rights and animal rights.  And that we begin to see, when parts of the whole heal, we all heal …one by one.

And for all the years I’ve operated Leaf & Water Spa and Skincare Collection, ‘healing the self to heal the whole’ has always been my silent motivation behind everything I do for each and every one of you; during every facial, and with each Leaf & Water Skincare product I have ever made. 

…My secret ingredient all these years has always been something very simple, yet so complex… and that ingredient has been and still is…intentions of love and healing for you and for our world.

Blessing to you,