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In 2007 Founder & Formulator Holly Newman established Leaf & Water Holistic Spa in the gorgeous city of Seattle.  She did so as a way to bring customized holistic skincare; traditionally found only in exclusive wellness resorts, to our everyday life.  Holly believed that for us to achieve the skin health we desire, we need customized internal and external holistic skincare practices, and self-care regimens, that are established and followed within our daily lives.

As a result, Leaf & Water was birthed and became our Nation's first truly customized, holistic skincare spa experience, accompanied by Holly's beautifully formulated, custom made serums that later evolved into her complete and ever expanding artisan skincare line, now available through our online store and exquisitely curated boutiques.  

Through word of mouth reputation, we have become known for our knowledge, expertise, precision and results.  This is a reputation that extends to other countries, States, and throughout the Seattle area by clients who have made Leaf & Water Holistic Spa and Leaf & Water Holistic Skincare Collection their skincare of choice.


Holly Newman is the CEO, Founder and Chief Formulator of Leaf & Water Holistic Spa and Skincare line.   She is sought after, both nationally and internationally for her knowledge and skills in holistic skincare, and for her results-based, precisely crafted  skincare line.  Holly is a leader in the holistic skincare industry.  She mentors many colleagues and health professionals (including doctors, nurses and nutritionists) on her holistic approach to healing the skin.  She was trained at the prestigious Euro Institute of Skincare where top destination wellness spas recruit from. 

In 2015, Holly trained under the guidance of world-renowned industry leader Margrit Altenburg,  Swiss born, CIDESCO international examiner and co-author of the Milady Standard Cosmetology Textbook.  Holly’s continued research and training has brought her to a whole new level of scientific understanding and knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of the skin, and how the physics and chemistry of skincare technologies and ingredients influence deep cellular healing of the skin. 

Holly strives to continually expand her knowledge in holistic skincare and travels throughout the States and the World to research and develop ingredients for her skincare line, as well as research facial techniques at world renowned spas in the Swiss Alps, New Zealand, Iceland and Hollywood's Rodeo Drive.  

Her expertise includes European naturopathic skincare practices and techniques, diet and nutrition therapy, Ayurvedic skincare, acupressure, facial massage, manual lymphatic drainage, oncology aesthetics, aromatherapy and product formulation.  In addition, Holly holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Sociology and Art, and studied European Studies at the University of Amsterdam.

When opening Leaf & Water Holistic Spa, Holly traveled to the Swiss Alps to research their top wellness spas with the intention of integrating this high level of customized wellness into the creation of her boutique spa located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle.  Through her continued research, education and world travel, Holly continues to bring her clients the world’s best spa treatments and ingredients.

With Holly’s deep understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the skin and body, immune functions, technologies and skincare ingredients, Holly is able to create a customized facial experience and holistic homecare routine of products, diet and supplements that suits your needs and resolves your skin problems.  And because her talents and interests span far, she leaves no stone un-turned when it comes to the holistic skin care of her clients, which is how she ended up becoming the chief formulator of her Leaf & Water Skincare line, a relentless eight years in the making to develop skincare products that achieves impeccable results.

 "Over the years clients have come to me frustrated from having tried many unsuccessful skincare treatments and products.  When these clients transitioned to Leaf and Water's Holistic Skincare Methods I saw their acne heal, sensitivities resolve, hyper-pigmentation dramatically diminish and signs of aging reverse.”

If you have been looking for a truly natural healing skincare experience that is effective in yielding long-term results, look no longer, you have found us.  Welcome to Leaf and Water, where we provide effective Skincare For Your Health TM.



Holly Newman

L.E., B.Soc., B.F.A., C.M.L.D.
Holistic Medical Aesthetician
CEO & Founder, Chief Product Formulator