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“I love the holistic approach Holly takes towards skincare. She has a very special niche, realizing how much the skin is affected not only by external influences but also internal influences and looking at the "big picture" to skincare. Each treatment is very unique and individualized according to what the skin (and client) needs at the time. I've looked for quite some time for someone who has the skills Holly possesses. She's a hidden pearl in the middle of Fremont.”  ~ S.K.

"I've been having regular facials with Holly for four years. I keep coming back to her care because I'm not as diligent as I need to be on my own when it comes to my home regimen and my diet. Hence the title of this review! I know my 43-year-old skin appreciates me for it -- for example, I always get surprised reactions when I tell someone my age. Holly is passionate and dedicated to her work and gives each of her clients customized attention. Her office is a little oasis in Fremont." ~M.B.A.

“I have noticed a great improvement in my skin health since being treated by Holly and being in my late 60's that is really saying someting. The sessions are always the point I have fallen asleep and always leave looking forward to my next appointment. Also, the products are high quality and easy to use.” ~ Karen V.

“Holly has been my go-to aesthetician for over two years and caters each treatment to my skin's needs. Back then my skin was broken out and inflamed and it had been dismissed by most doctors. Working with Holly's naturopathic approach improved not only my skin but my overall health immensely. Holly works with her clients to achieve the best results and addresses skin issues in a holistic manner. She sets very high standards for her products and is the commensurate professional.”  ~ Rebecca F.

“The facial was informative, restorative and relaxing. My skin was analyzed and helpful information and products were suggested to help me get the skin I had when I was much younger. I can't wait to see how much it improves as I use the new products!”  ~ S.I.

“Holly at Leaf and Water is more educated about skincare then anyone I have seen before. I have very sensitive skin and her products are wonderful and don't irritate at all. She also works with internal issues that may be a problem for your skin. Her facials are very relaxing/healing - can't wait until the next time!”  ~ A.L.

“Holly was very professional, knowledgable, and very caring. She wanted to know what my concerns were and taught me how to address it. She helped me choose the best products for my skin type and needs, while keeping in mind that I had a financial budget. It hs been 24 hours since my treatment with her. My skin is glowing, and feels so healthy and soft. It was such a great treatment and experience, I will definitely have to go back! I really trust her judgement... as I see what she did.” ~ Sandy L.
Over the years, clients have shared many wonderful comments about their skin healing experiences at Leaf & Water.  Here are some we have collected from Google Reviews, Genbook, Yelp as well as good ol' fashion, hand-written thank you cards.  Enjoy!  And we welcome you to try out for yourself what our clients rave about.